Grapefruit Fragrance Block

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A fresh and tart grapefruit fragrance is infused into this block which makes it perfect for any location you want fragrance.

These fragrance blocks are infused with the selected fragrance for long lasting spill-proof fragrance that can be used in your car, closets, under sinks, or anywhere you would like a little boost of freshness without the concern of fragrance spilling.

Fragrance Blocks will last 2 to 4 weeks depending on the level of strength desired.

The Fragrance Blocks come in a sealed pouch that can be opened up to release the fragrance or there is an optional hanging plastic holder that you can place the Fragrance Block in.  The holder is reusable, so once you purchase it you will have it for all of your future fragrance needs.

Caution: The Fragrance Block is infused with fragrances that are strong and can cause damage if placed directly on a finished surface, plastic surface, or on carpet in your car or home.  Please keep the Fragrance Block in the pouch that it comes in or in one of the reusable holders.

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